Photon Sphere SET DYNAMIC (2 x 5 cm)

"Recharge personal batteries" and mental relief.
(small, portable, travel-friendly)
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Set dynamic

Set Dynamic

This unique set contains two pieces of photon spheres 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter. They are made of the highest quality lead-free crystal glass, specially treated with a mixture with a high content of silicon dioxide.

These beautiful original pieces are primarily used to quickly "recharge personal batteries" not only at home, but also at work or on the go. They have also proven themselves during meditation or during prayer.

The original method is to hold both balls at once. One ball is held in each palm. Dynamic also help to neutralize the carbon footprint of digital pollution, making them suitable for frequent users of all kinds of electronic keyboards, game controllers, tablets or mobile phones.

The goal of this set is to increase your energy levels. The Dynamic set is also intended to support ordinary people who lead a time-consuming family or work life, and thus do not have time for longer and regular exercises.

How to use ALKYWAN Set Dynamic.
Take one ball in each palm and hold it for a few minutes.

Do not expose the ball to direct sunlight.
(The glass object must not be left in direct sunlight due to the risk of fire).


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