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Alkywan Research

In the 1930 Researcher Anton Bovis created a Bovis Scale. This Scale measures positive energy with polarity plus and negative energy with polarity minus. The object being measured is from 0 to 6,500, this is considered the negative range which means the object is giving off energy with polarity minus. If the object being measured shows a range of 6,500 and above, the object is giving off positive polarity energy. Obviously, the higher the number is on the positive scale, the better the energy is for you.

The scale you see below uses the K numbers to represent 1,000 units of energy, so 1K would be 1,000 units of energy, 2K would be 2,000 units of energy, and so on. If you use this chart and you want to base your energy measurements on the 0 to 6,500 as negative and anything above that as positive, you can see the line between 6K and 7K on the chart labeled “Bovis Neutral Reference”. From 0 to this line would be your negative energy reading. Anything above that line would be positive energy. For the purposes of the instruction below, you only need to pay attention to the numbers surrounding this chart.

Bio photonics is the study of how light particles create positive effects in biological systems, including the human body. Certain molecules in the body, namely cytochrome in the mitochondria and hemoglobin [in red blood cells] can absorb and emit light via their unique structure. Mitochondria are essential for energy production and detoxification of cells. Furthermore, it has been found that mitochondria emit biophotons, which then can change cell shape via microtubules. Our research has shown that light therapy from the photon ball is biologically active and affects basic cellular communication in mitochondria and red blood cells, this improves energy production as well as modulates neural communication and brain waves.

Additionally, the Photon sphere helps in the creation of energy and thus positively affects the immune system which can aid in the detoxification of pathogens. During our investigation, it has been found that Photon units also has an effect on reducing the uric acid in the blood, which is a very significant finding.

Another important phenomenon is the beneficial effects in eliminating unhealthy foaming of erythrocytes (Rouleaux formation), which results, in poor circulation fatigue, poor concentration, dizziness, cold hands and feet. After such cleansing, circulation is restored, and blood starts to flow properly. The blood vessels can expand back to their original state, thereby increasing the blood supply to the tissues, improving the oxygen supply, while speeding up metabolism. Therefore, this method improves the processes of biosynthesis and thus increases the energy potential of a person. Biosynthesis is the integration, i.e., the connection of three areas of human existence: physical, psychological/mental, and spiritual.

When physically connected to the Photon ball, the flow of energy is concentrated and clears all meridian points. This creates a clear path for a more broad-spectrum energy into all bodily systems. The Photon units then work on a subatomic level to repair the damaged structures of DNA and activate all living cells. The positive result is noticed in the mental, physical and emotional body.

Blood is the biological material that is used absolutely most often to determine the correct diagnosis. A blood test can reveal a lot of problems, from trivial infections to serious diseases. Thanks to preventive screening, you can start addressing them before they develop and become more complicated. The life-giving fluid, blood, has been and continues to be the subject of considerable medical and scientific interest.

Its main function is the exchange of respiratory gases – oxygen and carbon dioxide – between the tissues and the external environment. Blood carries nutrients – a necessary source of energy – throughout the body and carries away metabolic products, distributing hormones and other important substances to target organs. Blood also contributes to the maintenance of body temperature and helps maintain the stability of the internal environment. So the amount of fluid and elements in the blood must be balanced, otherwise there is always a problem. The blood has to flow nicely in the blood vessels to be able to distribute nutrients and oxygen to all organs. If the blood is too thick, not only does it move more slowly, but dangerous clots can form. Poor blood vessel patency can then lead to heart attacks or strokes.

During inflammation, after antibiotics or even after vaccination, it has been observed that the blood system starts to generate a lot of platelets, which act as glue and stick the red blood cells (erythrocytes) together. They form what is called “Coin Stacking of RBC – Rouleaux Formation”, which is not good for the blood because in this state an erythrocyte can only carry about 20% of the oxygen. It no longer takes up oxygen with its entire body, but only with its lateral edges. Thus, the united erythrocytes are no longer the carriers of life, which means that the blood no longer performs its function as it should. Healthy blood is therefore one of the very essential keys to our physical health.

Blood is the life-giving lymph of the body, the fuel of the heart and the powerhouse of life. Prevention of blood diseases is therefore very important. It is always better and easier to prevent a problem, disease, etc., than to stop or correct it once it has started. In the end, prevention even works out much cheaper than expensive treatment. Financial savings are, of course, not the main motive here. However, the primary reduction of the health risks that could cause disease is invaluable.

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